Golf Clash game how to play if new to the game


Golf Clash game is being provided free and any device can be used to download and for playing. The gamer can use play this game solo offline and multiplayer online. The game has so many things to use from modes of the game to currency and from balls to clubs to play. There is one more thing the software of Golf Clash Hack is also in player’s hands to use. The game also consists of three different types which can be enjoyed and players can glue to their devices for hours and hours.

The balls of the game

The golf game seems easy to play and learn but hard to be proficient in. the reason is that as player hits the ball; there are many things which make it hard to hit the hole such as wind. Each time when player target the ball to the hole the wind changes its direction and in this way the level of difficulty increase for the player. But not to worry, player can use game coins and gems to purchase balls of different qualities like Power balls, sidespin balls, resistance and so on.

Role of different chests

  • There are six types of chests are available for players to play. These are blow written:
    • Wooden chests
    • Silver chests
    • Gold chests
    • Platinum chests
    • Pin chests and

Coins and Gems currencies

Coins are used to have more chests to utilize. But gems are known as the premium currency of the game. Player can use both these types of currencies to have accessory and things of need. Player can use store them by using Golf Clash Hack which enables the player to have large amount of game currency to play it well.