Tutorial guide of Garena free fire

Spending time on mobile games is a very amazing experience in spite of many people spends their time on other activities. Mobile games are a problem-solving concept, and we can also learn some new things with it. In the game world, thousands of mobile games present with various types. In the recent times, many of actions games are popular but the Garena free fire is the best mobile game in this category .the game is an open battlefield and your role player equipped with some advanced weapon and guns. It is a multiplayer action game and runs on the server of the game. The content of the game is fabulous and fantastic. A lot of challenges you will face in the game and after complete those you get the desired outcome.

If you are a beginner of the game, you will need some tutorial for starting it. You can also learn some of the rules during playing the game.

Jumped carefully

The game is started with flying in the sky and in which you have one parachute beg on your back.  The first trick is not to open your parachute quickly because it slows down your speeds. Along with slowdown, you are also far away from your opponents so before the jump you have to think twice for it.

Select the right locations

Before going to any location, you need some information about the map. In the map, you plug in one right location for landing. It is a survival game, so you have to select target areas with numbers of enemies.

When you hit your opponents, you will get some money and guns from his beg. You will also get free coins and currency with garena free fire cheats. Cheats help you for learning some strategies and gameplay of the game.

Avoid using vehicles

In the game, many of unique vehicles are present for your convince. If you really need them, then you will use. Otherwise, you should avoid these vehicles. By using the vehicle, your enemy easily finds out location and targets you. Camouflage yourself to escape any random firing.